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Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warrior fans' Journal
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Date:2016-05-29 20:36
Subject:Boys of Summer 2016

Remember the old Boys of Summer art challenge?  Well, it's on again for June, over at the Samurai Fanservice message board.  It'll be hosted on-site this time; just hop over, sign on, make a thread in the Boys of Summer section, and draw away.

Guidelines and former years here

Fanservice board

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Date:2015-01-12 13:18

For those who remember the Samurai Fanservice message board: it's undergone a revival of sorts and folks are being chatty over there again. I mean, chatty for our fandom. :)

For those who don't remember, the Samurai Fanservice board went kinda defunct a couple years ago and stopped accepting members, but some of our old-school folks have got it open and posting again.

Can be found at http://z13.invisionfree.com/SamuraiFanservice/index.php?&&CODE=00

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Date:2014-10-04 12:54
Subject:Found Ronin Warriors art and mood themes.

Hi, everyone. I found a DeviantArt with Ronin Warriors art and Mood Themes. :)


^_^ This artist has such cute art.

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Date:2014-08-24 22:22

Finally finished and posted Corruption...A New Ally to follow, gradually. Fanfic

Also updated the links.

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Date:2014-05-27 17:46

Hey guys, I'm clearing out my doujinshi collection and I have a number of Seiji/Tohma and Tohma/Seiji books for sale. I hope someone will be interested!

You can find more information ≥≥≥≥≥≥≥ HERE AT MY SALES POST ≤≤≤≤≤≤≤

There's also a bunch of books from other fandoms if you happen to like stuff other than ST!

Thanks for any interest!

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Date:2014-04-06 23:34
Subject:Took me long enough...

So after writing, editing, discarding the plot, re-plotting, discarding the perspectives, re-perspectiv-ing (is that a word?) more re-plotting, major editing, and new computer-ing.... I have finally posted up the first ...chunk... of the sequel to Friend or Foe. It's called 'Home and Kin', and will be followed in time by 'Corruption' and 'A New Ally'. It's in parts instead of chapters because I would rather post ten multi-chapter 'parts' than 30-40 individual chapters. I'm lazy that way. :nods:


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Date:2014-03-11 01:59
Subject:Armor Plus Kuroi Kikoutei!
Mood: excited

This figure is available for pre-order, and it's going to be released in July!


All we're really missing to complete this set is the tiger!

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Date:2013-09-19 19:08

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know I've posted a couple of fanfictions at AO3, if you're interested.

In the Darkness
Character: Ryo
Summary: Byakuen run as fast as he can, jumping over obstacles I can’t see, and that I might never see again, if I believe what my enemy said… or what was going on through Ryo’s mind when he went blind.

Doll Face
Character: Kayura
Summary: She looks like a doll on display. And that thought, just for a second, makes her feel sick...

Characters: Shuten, Naaza, Rajura, Anubis
Summary: The four Masho make a strange group. To be their leader had its advantages… and its lot of problems. When everyone just dream of pushing you down to take your place, you got to stand strong. It’s all about pride, you see.

Little Facts Without Importance
Characters: Shuu, Seiji, Ryo, Shin, Touma
Summary: 25 little facts without much importance on each of the Samurai Troopers.

Samurai and Wizard, A RW/HP Crossover; Part 1: Caught in Shadowland
Summary: Spring 1988. The Dursleys make a trip to Japan, taking their nephew with them. What was supposed to be a quiet, perfectly normal stay soon turns out to be anything but normal when dark clouds descends on the town, people panic and little Harry Potter is separated from his family. As if it wasn't enough, Dark forces seem to be at play and Harry finds himself witnessing a strange battle...

I hope to be able to post a couple more stories soon, so stay tuned. :)

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Date:2013-02-28 00:34
Subject:Looking for Takara video
Mood: anxious

If you can see it, it's this video:


It comes from this VHS tape. Basically, I am looking for a better version of this video online. It is about 19 minutes in length and essentially summarizes the main events of the 1st season of the TV series while showing all 5 armors' special attacks, with 2 commercials for the Takara action figures interspersed throughout, and ends with the 2nd season OP clip. Please let me know if you either own this VHS and can rip the video or have found a better quality version of this video somewhere.

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Date:2012-12-16 17:45
Subject:Pre-order Samurai Troopers Armor Plus Kongou no Shuu
Mood: awake

Well, since no one else has mentioned it yet,just thought I'd let you guys know the pre-order period for the new Kongou no Shuu figure of the Armor Plus collection of Samurai Troopers figures began a few weeks ago. Here is Bandai's page for it:


And the source I heard from is CDJapan, which has it for pre-order here.

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Date:2012-11-20 16:50
Subject:Looking for Animated GIF
Mood: anxious

So, I know this is a long shot, and it's not directly related to YST, but I was wondering if anyone here might have seen this animated GIF before... It was this tiny square image which I think had a black background, but what I do know for certain is that it had sakura petals fluttering down. You could tile it for a nice effect. I know I've seen it on some fan pages before, even YST fan pages, but since most of those are down nowadays, I can't really find anything. If anyone finds this or anything even remotely like it, please let me know.

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Date:2012-10-06 22:22
Subject:FIC - 'Blindly' and 'Alternatif'

My first attempt at wrtting YST fics in english. Sorry for any mistake you'll find, as it is not my first language and I didn't have a beta.

Title: Blindly
Characters: Seiji, Shuu
Warnings: Some spoilers of episodes 5 and 7, Slight AU
Summary: As they leave Hokkaido to join the other Troopers, Seiji discovers something Shuu hadn't told them about. Or rather, hadn't the time to tell them.
Words: 3045


Title : Alternatif
Characters: Shuten, Ryo, Touma
Rating: M
Warnings: Genderbender of characters (and then no, but you'll see later on), nudity, language
Summary: Trying to ambush Rekka in his bath led Shuten to discover something about his ennemy. Namely, that Rekka no Ryo might not quite be a boy after all...
Words: 1573


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Date:2012-09-28 18:06
Subject:Searching for a ooold fic... well, several

I tried to find back some fics I used to enjoy, but with no luck, so I figured I could just as well ask here.

I'm searching for a couple of YST fics I remember reading a few years back. They were related one shots, about the birth, childhood and first meetings of the Troopers as children. I do particulary remember one called 'Fushigi no Akachan', talking about Seiji's birth, and another one (can't remember the title) about Shin's birth. If I remember correctly, the whole universe also included fics about the OAV and after.

The original author was, I think, Seiiruika.

I can't quite remember on which site I found them at the time, though it might have been Lady Koneko's Library. Anyway, I can't find anything related to them anymore, and I was wondering if someone else had read them or had kept a copy.

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Date:2012-07-09 02:24
Subject:Oh dear, not another one...

Has anyone seen Dawn Sanada's Ultimate Ronin Warriors Website (URWWS) lately?  Envy.nu is giving me 'we can't find it' messages, and that makes me a sad panda...

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Date:2012-05-30 23:29
Subject:Of Crossovers and fannon Philosophies...
Mood: accomplished

I apologize in advance for not knowing how to cut my ramblings behind a link...

So okay, it's been well over 2 years since I've stuck my nose in LJ, let alone come out of lurking status for any sort of fandom discussion. But I've been working a job for the past year that requires me to drive for many long hours thus giving my mind ample time to go all plot-bunny crazy on me, but I digress...

It's been several years since I've tried my hand at fanfic, and well over a decade for me to try anything from this one (I have issues with the whole it's my first anime and is sacred so I don't mess with it bit)...but you know how plot bunnies get.

So here's where I stand: I'm builing up this universe in my head, a Ronin Warriors/Gundam Wing crossover. I'm actually kind of in shock that fanfiction.net only has I think 6 stories that apply to that fandom, and I tend to tread ff.net lightly because I loathe having to read the beginning of every story to discern the author's writing capability.

I read a decent amount of yaoi, and as such have character traits in my head more in line with my favorite authors, as neither series has cannon shonen-ai. This shows my age I'm sure but for RW I love the stories of one Tenshi no Korin, which I've only ever seen archived on Minkland, and of course that site is really only accessible through the wayback machine internet archives (but totally worth it for the stories Cold Comfort and Paradise by the Dashboard Light). Gundamwingaddiction used to be my fanfic archive of choice for GW, with Bonne&Von being my favorite author there.

I have a GW book somewhere in my basement that notes Sunrise relied heavily on the success of Samurai Troopers to create the character set for Gundam Wing (the whole 5 teenage boys saving the world thing was apparently so popular among the female fanbase that they ditched the idea of Quatre being female and made him...him. I have some weird pride that my favorite anime had that much pull on such a popular series ^_^). I want to explore the similarities between the Ronins and the Pilots a bit. For instance if we tag the Ronins by the numbers on their letterman jackets in the ending credits (Ryo 01, Rowen 02, Sage 03, Cye 04 and Kento 05) and then line them up against the Pilots' own designations [which in my opinion makes for such a great fanfic indicator...I know exactly what I'm getting for reading a 1x2 or a 3x4...] (Heero 01, Duo 02, Trowa 03, Quatre 04 and Wufei 05), I find some very interesting things. Heero and Ryo are both Japanese with piercing blue eyes, If I keep with the dub versions (which sorry is what I grew up on thus covet for all its horrible glory) Rowen's brooklyn accent matches the fact that Duo's supposed to be American... Trowa and Sage are both quiet types that have this thing about their hair covering one eye, Quatre and Cye are both usually (unfairly) singled out as being the effeminate, motherly types in fanfic communities, and isn't it interesting that both characters of chinese decent are both fighting for justice?

My question comes in the timeline scheme of things. I'm at this point not as well researched as I should be in my mind as to the correlation of the After Colony (AC) timeline to that of "modern day" (what are they calling it now in schools instead of AD...ACE?)...I want to say roughly 300 years between 1988 and AC195? For it to make sense that the Ronins are in the AC universe I want to theorize that the bond of the armor to its owner creates a pseudo-immortality based on the fact that the warlords were not aged much past the time they themseves received their armors 300+ years before the Ronins, and the death of Anubis to me appeared to occur only because he forfeited his bond to his armor to Kayura (if someone could give me an explanation beyond "she's an ancient" as to why she survived so long without having an armor it would be most helpful). I think I remember reading somewhere in internet-land that for those in the Dynasty time moved at a rate of about 1 Dynasty year to 100 Earth Years (somehow explaining how Kayura was supposedly 12 years old in the series despite the innuendo she threw around with every line). I'd like to intone that the slowing of the aging process doesn't in fact start until after the wearer has finished maturing, so it would make sense that the Ronins are still growing older a few years later but would still be young by the time they entered the AC arc. The warlords appeared older (at least Anubis did) when they themselves received their armor so it would be safe to assume their aging had slowed to its current pace from the get-go. That would pin them in the age range of Zechs or Treize (who I want to say were 19 and 23-24ish respectively in the GW series?) around AC195, so it wouldn't be a stretch for the two sets of characters to interact from an age-gap standpoint.

As far as any character interrelationships go, I think I would still keep the groups and pairings and whatnot segregated to their own "friend" base. My purpose in introducing the two universes is not to mix and mingle, but more to define and compare one generation to the next, and how war is not such a black and white thing whether it is between man or supernatural forces.

So with all that said, does anyone think this concept is worth persuing?

**On a complete side note, I'm presently perusing that "The Call" website pimped on here a couple entries ago and am very amused by the things that have been "pondered" about the series. In relation to that I recall when I first moved to California in 1990 my stepdad owned a powder blue 1988 Suzuki Samurai (insert fangirl squee several years later upon making the connection that that was Mia's vehicle) and I remember feeling quite squashed when I had 2 of my fourth-grader type friends in the back seat with me so when the guys were all piling in there on the show I was all like "mystical armor indeed". ^_^**

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Date:2012-01-21 12:46
Subject:Big YST Collection Sale


Greetings, samurai!

I've decided to become a Shinto monk and reject all worldly possessions, which means that I'm putting all my YST paraphernalia up for grabs. Star items include a 98% complete Tachibana collection, much sought-after doujinshi by Ken Mizuki, Mr Kuroneko, and Studio Sight, rare promotional posters, stationery, notebooks, collectors' art books, and magazines. It took me years to amass this amount of stuff, and I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me lighten my load. :)

Click here to see if I've got something you want! First come, first serve, so get 'em while they're hot!

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Date:2012-01-19 17:25
Subject:selling doujinshi

Hello! I am here with a...lot of Samurai Troopers doujinshi for sale! You can find my selling post here!

The doujinshi are primarily Touma/Seiji with some Shin/Ryo and some general doujinshi. I also have various Naruto doujinshi (Kakashi/Sasuke, Sasuke/Naruto, Itachi/Sasuke) if you happen to be interested in that as well!


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Date:2012-01-16 00:17
Subject:Pre-order Samurai Troopers Armor Plus Suiko no Shin
Mood: artistic

If you haven't heard yet, the pre-order period for the new Suiko no Shin figure of the Armor Plus collection of Samurai Troopers figures began a short while back. Here is Bandai's page for it:


And the source I heard from is CDJapan, which has it for pre-order here.

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Date:2012-01-02 01:25
Subject:Ronin Warriors - Lion King
Mood: amused

My friend and I watched this movie for the first time last night (..after 10 years..shh..) and came up with a "joke" between Lion King and Mukala :D please go and watch this video. It is hilarious.

It's unlisted so maybe the sound will stay on it longer! :3 please enjoy and know we meant no harm!

Video Here @ Youtube

please comment there or here and let us know how we did. it's our first video editing project, ever. However, if you are going to be rude, just move along. :) Kay? Thanks.

Robin Gurl

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